Zalando’s small steps and big imprints

This is a typical example of greenwashing in my eyes ( read more about greenwashing here ). Because what is it about this collection that makes Zalando as a company more sustainable? Or that contributes to less emissions in the world? Nothing. Producing a completely new collection is not climate-smart, even though the mix includes organic cotton and a small amount of recycled polyester. On the bottom line, this “sustainability investment” undoubtedly means MORE emissions. No less.

This is a common problem today, that we are tricked into continuing to consume (or even consume more) by, for example, fashion and interior design companies suddenly starting to package their products as sustainable. We get the impression that we become more sustainable if we shop, when in reality it is of course the opposite . We will be more sustainable if we use what we have instead of buying Zalando’s sustainable collection. Read more

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