When A.I. Falls in Love

GPT-3, the latest incarnation of artificially intelligent natural-language systems, knows how to write — and write and write and write. For a taste of what it can (and cannot) do, here are three examples of its verbosity.

In each case, we gave the system a short prompt (in italics) and let it roll. First we asked it to write about itself. Then, playing off a suggestion from a start-up called Sudowrite, which has spent months testing GPT-3, we asked the system to write a Modern Love column. It wrote dozens; like all romances, some turned out better than others.

We fed the system no information beyond the initial prompt; its writing is based on the thousands of websites, Wikipedia articles and self-published books it has metabolized during months of training. Except for the titles, the entries are entirely unedited. Read more (NY Times)

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