Out-Game Flowers

Out-Game Flowers’ digital bouquets—15 large with audio and 150 small bouquets—are composed of flowers from the world’s most popular video games, including The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, Minecraft, and more. Jill Magid traveled through these iconic digital worlds, plucking stems from each virtual landscape to craft her first NFT-backed artwork. In their respective worlds, these pixelated plants and photo-realistic flowers are tied to complex economies that drive their value in-game and out.

Magid’s work shines a light on the power structures that create and monetize these items. Extracted from their walled gardens and assembled into a bouquet, she introduces the flowers into another closed system—a digital artwork with a secured provenance through blockchain technology. By assigning each flower an out-game value based on its worth in-game, she challenges us to define our own metrics of worth — based not just on economics, beauty, and utility, but also on nostalgia, speculation, and taste.