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Why Do Many Self-Driving Cars Look Like Toasters on Wheels?

As progress slows toward putting self-driving cars on the road, it’s looking like the vehicles may first be put to use schlepping things rather than people. Packages, after all, don’t complain when the robot takes the longer way around because it’s uncomfortable making left turns across traffic. The nice thing is that both people and packages can comfortably fit into cubes. Zoox, despite its new Amazonian overlords, insists that it’s still focused on robotaxis, though Levinson says “a lot of things are possible with our platform.”

Boeing crash shows problem for self-driving cars, says Daimler chief

Martin Daum, chief executive of the Daimler trucking division, which acquired self-driving software group Torc Robotics last week, said in a recent interview that “the biggest question” for autonomous technology was how people would respond to crashes in cars controlled by it — even once it is clear that such vehicles are safer than those driven by human drivers, although still not entirely free of flaws.