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When Did Perfume Stop Being About Sex?

A younger generation with more fluid interpretations of what constitutes gender, sexual orientation and romantic relationships is leading the conversation. “Gender neutral” and “genderless” have become mainstream concepts, integral to fashion, makeup and fragrance, and no longer on the fringes.


An growing number of Chinese influencers have had it with the distorted, filtered images coming at them from every pixel on their super-app screen. From WeChat to Douyin and Weibo, they refuse to conform to social media’s perception of the perfect body.

Will China embrace plus-size fashion?

Influencer Scarlett Hao On The Chinese Body Image And Body Positivity

Building a more inclusive way to search

Detecting a skin tone in an image is a challenging problem, because it depends a lot on lighting, shadows, how prominent a face is, blurriness, and many other factors. The most accurate way to detect a skin tone in a Pin’s image would be to have a human label every single Pin image according to a scientific skin tone palette. But with billions of unique images, and many more created each day, that’s an expensive approach that would be hard to scale.

Wellness & fascism have more than just a modern connection (thread)

Hustle and hype: the truth about the influencer economy

Fast-fashion companies throw vast amounts of money and products at the young women they pick to wear their clothes, and they have created a new economy that appears to offer easy jobs to the prettiest girls on the internet. Beauty has always been a commodity, but now it is far easier for women to monetise it themselves – if they have the right look. The belief among many young women that being desirable pays has led them to not only surgically change their shape, but in some cases to even fake their ethnicity.

In South Korea, wearing hair rollers in your bangs in public signals a major shift in how women react to the pressure to be perfect.

“Traditional Korean society was very rigid when it came to gender roles, and when women tried to maintain their beauty, it was always done to please others.. But young women in contemporary Korea are a lot more independent and prefer to focus on themselves. They’re not overly conscious about how they are perceived by people they don’t know.” 

Plastics production is skyrocketing. A new U.N. treaty effort could cap it.

Negotiators from around the world will start work this month on a treaty to reduce plastic pollution, in what diplomats say is the most ambitious round of climate diplomacy since the 2015 Paris agreement that focuses on global warming.