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How the pandemic changed sustainability goals for Uber and Lyft

The ride-hailing companies have for years touted their services as alternatives to car ownership that could help reduce traffic, car accidents, and emissions. But as the popularity of the services grew, the companies instead worsened congestion in many cities, in some cases accounting for more than 13% of vehicle miles traveled, according to a 2018 study commissioned by the companies. With a large majority of drivers using gas-powered cars, more vehicle miles traveled means more greenhouse gas emissions.

15-minute neighbourhoods are good for mental health, equity and the climate

“15-minute neighbourhoods,” the latest urban planning buzzword, might just be a kind of silver bullet that addresses both issues at once. Developed by Sorbonne Prof. Carlos Moreno and popularized by Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo, the concept is at once both simple and revolutionary: cities should be designed so that people can access needs and amenities within a 15-minute walk. It’s simple because the idea can be captured in a single sentence. It’s revolutionary because it amounts to a sea change in urban planning practices, with huge implications for how we live in cities. Read more

Uber wants to deny drivers benefits by classifying them as contractors. Now California voters get to decide.

This is an interesting example of how the “sharing economy” is being challneged as the trend narrative changes towards a growing sense of mistrust in tech companies. Gig economy workers were pushed to the brink. It led to a historic confrontation over the future of the business model. The state ballot measure Proposition 22 would make drivers independent contractors according to California law.  Read more