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Comparing Luxury Investment Around the World

Unlike traditional investments in financial assets, luxury goods can be difficult to value if one does not have an appreciation for their form. A rare painting, for example, does not generate cash flows, meaning its value is truly in the eye of the beholder.

To gain some insight into the market for luxury goods, this infographic takes data from Knight Frank’s 2021 Wealth Report to compare the preferences of nine global regions. Read more (Visual Capitalist)

How COVID-19 has affected trade, in 8 charts

  • new online tool uses customs agencies’ data to create visualisations of the trade trajectories of dozens of countries.
  • It enables a detailed understanding of how COVID-19 has affected trade around the world.
  • From beef to bicycles, these charts show the pandemic’s impact on exports.

How the pandemic hit exports
Image: OEC data

Beautiful News (because it can seem quite bleak some days)

The Anthropologist of Artificial Intelligence

The algorithms that underlie much of the modern world have grown so complex that we always can’t predict what they’ll do. Iyad Rahwan’s radical idea: The best way to understand them is to observe their behavior in the wild.