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The Psychedelic Revolution Is Coming. Psychiatry May Never Be the Same.

The Psychedelic Revolution Is Coming. Psychiatry May Never Be the Same.

“There’s been a sea change in attitudes about what not long ago was considered fringe science, given the mental health crisis in this country, there’s great curiosity and hope about psychedelics and a recognition that we need new therapeutic tools.”

Michael Pollan

As the fine line between beauty and wellness continues to blur, companies are increasingly looking to acquire or invest in brands that link the two.

Nestlé has entered into an agreement with KKR to acquire the core brands of The Bountiful Company for $5.75 billion. The deal includes the Nature’s Bounty, Solgar, Osteo Bi-Flex and Puritan’s … Read more (Food Business News)

Is this wearable electronic skin the future of fitness tracking?

This kinda creepy sounding — but really cool — new technology was created at the University of Tokyo. It’s called e-skin, and it’s made of polyvinyl alcohol combined with a layer of gold. Yes, gold. This combination of materials makes e-skin into a flexible, wearable sensor that can track your vitals and other important health information, CNN reported. Before you get too excited, e-skin hasn’t gone through clinical trials yet, but the developers have been testing it on volunteers and started talking to manufacturers about how to make e-skin available to the public. Read more (Mic)


The company claims that the EmotiBit will open the door for researchers, makers, artists, students, teachers, athletes, virtual reality developers, and health enthusiasts to develop new products based on sensing signals from the body. For example, Future Labs suggests EmotiBit could be paired with an LED matrix to display the wearer’s heartbeats on their sleeve, or combined with an audio generator to sonify emotional reactions.  Read more (Springwise)

The future of fitness is at a fork in the road

Depending on which survey you read, the future of fitness may be sweating at home forever, an eventual return to gyms, or, most likely, a hybrid of in- and out-of-home exercise. 

Why it matters: The fortunes of companies like Peloton and Planet Fitness hang in the balance of which way habits will go as more people prepare for a return to the new normal. Read more (Axios)