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The One (Netflix)

The One is set five minutes in the future, in a world where a DNA test can find your perfect partner – the one person you’re genetically predisposed to fall passionately in love with. No matter how good your relationship, which one of us can honestly say we haven’t thought about whether there is someone better out there? What if a hair sample is all it takes to find them? The idea is simple, but the implications are explosive. We will never think of love and relationships in the same way again.

Forget swiping. Your next date will be based on your genes

Highly individualised information will increase users’ sensitivity towards recommended matches. Over time, users will demand a stronger sense of agency in the selection process with, for example, a choice between “wildcard matches” (for example: combine my profile with any partner ethnicity) and “precisely personalised suggestions” (such as exclude all partners with green eyes). Love at first sight and active searching of Mr and Mrs Right will be passé. Partner search will be automatic, distributed and global. The psychological and microbiological entanglement that typically occurs during a long-term relationship will happen before the couples meet. Read more (Wired)

Fears about genetically modified foods are cultural not scientific

Many people strongly object to genetically modified plants, but foods like sweet potatoes and grapefruits are a reminder that that these concerns are cultural rather than based on science.

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Can CRISPR and other genome-editing technologies address climate change by being used to repair some of the havoc wreaked on our planet?

Genome editing may be one of the solutions to address climate change. A September 2020 report by the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation (ITIF), Gene Editing for the Climate: Biological Solutions for Curbing Greenhouse Emissions, emphasizes that gene-editing technology could be used to develop clean energy and climate solutions that policymakers have to date under-emphasized. Read more

Top 10 Emerging Technologies of 2020

Experts highlight advances with the potential to revolutionize industry,
healthcare and society Read more (World Economic Forum)

1 Microneedles for Painless Injections and Tests
2 Sun-Powered Chemistry
3 Virtual Patients
4 Spatial Computing
5 Digital Medicine
6 Electric Aviation
7 Lower-Carbon Cement
8 Quantum Sensing
9 Green Hydrogen
10 Whole-Genome Synthesis