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That TikTok hearing was pretty messed up, right? (Op-Ed)

Instead of asking actual important questions related to how TikTok does business and uses the data it gathers from users, Congress was focused on being xenophobic, and people noticed.

VW Gets Ready to Reveal a People’s Car for the Electric Age

Volkswagen is about to do what Tesla didn’t during its recent investor day: show off an affordable electric vehicle for the masses.

Robots Won’t Save Japan addresses the Japanese government’s efforts to develop care robots in response to the challenges of an aging population, rising demand for eldercare, and a critical shortage of care workers. Drawing on ethnographic research at key sites of Japanese robot development and implementation, James Wright reveals how such devices are likely to transform the practices, organization, meanings, and ethics of caregiving if implemented at scale.

This new form of techno-welfare state that Japan is prototyping involves a reconfiguration of care that deskills and devalues care work and reduces opportunities for human social interaction and relationship building. Moreover, contrary to expectations that care robots will save labor and reduce health care expenditures, robots cost more money and require additional human labor to tend to the machines. As Wright shows, robots alone will not rescue Japan from its care crisis. The attempts to implement robot care instead point to the importance of looking beyond such techno-fixes to consider how to support rather than undermine the human times, spaces, and relationships necessary for sustainably cultivating good care.

The “Inflection Paradox”: Why We Miss Inflection Points

Inflection points, or tipping points, arise when small changes interact and enable the emergence of watershed changes that replace past paradigms and assumptions.

Inflection points are moments when major shifts from one stage to another take place. They can be seen in social movements, technological innovations, and business transitions. Regardless of context, one cannot merely continue the same behavior after an inflection point and remain relevant.

URL To IRL And Back Again: How Digital Fabric Twins Are Defining Fashion’s New Trajectories

For fashion to work, creative design and product development have always required a steady flow of both new ideas and new fabrics to execute them in. So for digital fashion to work, it should come as no surprise that digital ideation, design and development – as practised in popular solutions like CLO3D – will demand a constant source of digital fabrics.

Question for “just fashion transition”

The fashion industry is now using the term ‘just fashion transition’. There are claims that fashion companies take steps to transition to a low-carbon system. Nevertheless, our scientific research on just transition across fashion supply chains does not see this happening.

The Road to 2050 (A Six-Part Docuseries from The Franklin InstituteThe Road to 2050)

Get ready for a thrilling journey into the future with The Road to 2050! This 6-part documentary series takes a closer look at what the next three decades could bring, using science as our guide. With expert insights from 32 of the world’s top innovators, engineers, and science communicators across 16 cities and 7 countries, we’ll explore everything from environmental challenges to energy innovations, daily life, health and wellness, transportation, and off-world expansion. From jetpacks and asteroid mining to nanotechnologies and teleportation, The Road to 2050 is a dazzling ride into the unknown. Don’t miss out on this exciting adventure!