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Dress Code: The Future of Fashion in the Metaverse

But what will you buy in this brave new mall? Well, if you and your avatar are going to be seamlessly flitting between work meetings and VR concerts, shopping trips and hanging out with friends, then you can’t be expected to do it all in the same outfit. If the metaverse is about being seen—and it is about being seen—then fashion should be one of its killer apps. Currently, Meta gives users a limited selection of free clothes, all with a plasticky, toylike aesthetic that has presumably been chosen to be as inoffensive as it is easy to render. In June, Meta announced its plan to change that, at least in terms of choice, with the arrival of the Meta Avatars Store and digital outfits from powerhouse fashion brands like Balenciaga, Prada, and Thom Browne.

H&M to adjust or no longer make green claims

H&M and Decathlon have agreed to adjust or no longer make sustainability claims on their clothing after been found greenwashing by the Dutch authorities. The pair will also pay €400,000 and €500,000 respectively to “sustainability causes” to avoid further sanctions by the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM). The ACM says the two chains have committed to informing consumers more clearly in order to minimize the risk of misleading practices involving sustainability claims.

Gen Z Designers Made It Big on Depop. Now They’re Graduating.

Depop was founded in 2011 by Simon Beckerman, an entrepreneur, as a website where anybody could sell anything. (He is no longer involved with the app.) It soon built a reputation for selling used clothing, with influencers like the Italian fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni letting followers into their closets by starting Depop shops. By 2015, Mr. Semple said, Depop was benefiting from Gen Z coming online and was building its platform to be more interactive.

Walmart’s would-be role as circular packaging matchmaker

Walmart is seeking to promote these ideas to other consumer products companies through an online tool called the Circular Connector, launched by Walmart in April as a global resource for companies seeking more sustainable packaging options. Since its introduction, Circular Connector has received more than 100 submissions from innovators hoping to meet their match, said Ashley C. Hall, director of sustainable packaging for Walmart. “The idea is to bridge the gap between companies that are looking for good packaging ideas and those that offer them,” she said.

What Does the Future of Work Sound Like?

Before the pandemic, two-thirds of U.S. office workers were in open office environments filled with bad acoustics and distracting noises from loud group meetings, phone and video calls, watercooler chatter, and the clicking of keyboards. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Made Music Studio’s research shows that companies can improve employees’ workplace experiences — by creating a sense of privacy, masking bad noise, and enhancing mood, focus, and even productivity — through the right use of sound.