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Soap wars India: New narrative

Soap is a product used for personal hygiene by all in India. It is likely to have a 99 per cent penetration across urban and rural India and by people at the top and bottom of the social class ladder. Over the decades, the dynamics of soap usage in families have changed — from a single soap for the family to individual soaps for each family member and from soap bars to face washes and so on. The big brands have responded to these shifts by expanding their product portfolio. Read more

The rise of the informed Indian skincare consumer

The typical Indian woman believes in the value of DIY beauty remedies based on age-old ayurvedic principles. She is raised on coconut oil in her hair, and favours gram flour, yoghurt and turmeric-based masks and scrubs that promise glowing, de-tanned, “lighter” skin. A significant number of women, particularly in rural India, still use talcum powder on their faces — perceived by some commentators as a possible hangover of the colonial era. Read more (Vogue Business)

India is stumbling because of its prime minister’s failure to curb his darker side