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A new perspective for refrigerators and home appliances: ‘just cabinets’

Seoul-based furniture designer seungji mun has presented the ‘just cabinet’ collection, in collaboration with samsung electronics. as a part of samsung’s ‘project prism’, the designer has suggested a completely new conception of home appliances, combining samsung’s signature refrigerator range, widely known as ‘bespoke collection’, and a beautiful cabinet designed by himself. Read more (designboom)

Samsung Electronics’ Project PRISM, recently launched in Korea, features home appliances that can fit into any lifestyle by allowing customers the ability to personalize the materials, colors, shapes and designs of the products.

The urge to introduce nature into décor goes beyond living walls — and pandemics

The biophilic compulsion to unite indoors and outdoors is leaping beyond the familiar tropes of eco-sustainability — natural fibers, salvaged lumber and the war against carcinogens and toxins. Adherents want not just personal and environmental health but also psychological and spiritual well-being.