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Spoof billboard ads take aim at BMW and Toyota over ‘going green’ claims

Satirising the manufacturers’ advertising messages, the billboards highlighted what activists describe as the misleading adverts and aggressive lobbying tactics used by Toyota and BMW.


How Do You Protest in the Face of Censorship? An Empty Sign

In China, Russia and the United Kingdom, unmarked sheets of white paper have become a potent symbol of defiance.

Commentators were quick to interpret the meaning of the “white-paper protests.” A blank sign is both a symbol and a tactic. It is a passive-aggressive protest against censorship, a sarcastic performance of compliance that signals defiance. Its power rests in a shared understanding, by both the public and the authorities, of the unwritten message; it rests also in the awareness that to say anything at all is to run afoul of a government that brooks no opposition, suppressing even the suggestion of an intention to speak. 


Meet the Chinese crowdsourcers fighting coronavirus censorship

Linda spends a few hours a day systematically collecting both official releases and personal accounts about the virus from social media networks like Weibo, WeChat, and Douban. She then translates or subtitles into English and posts on Imgur, Reddit, Twitter, and YouTube. Though Linda says she’s “quite an unqualified social media specialist,” some of her translations have received over 100,000 views.