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K-Pop has been a good predictor/signal of less obvious cultural shifts in South Korea and Asia more broadly #semiotics


Teenagers have projected their dreams onto k-pop idols for years. But bts are not your average k-pop band. Although their output has all the trappings of the genre—slick production, perfectly choreographed dance routines, rap interludes and ever-unconfirmed rumours about band members’ relationships—they do not conform to the stereotype of the flawless, manufactured idols who are expected to serve as blank screens for fans’ projections. 

My skin care routine helps me feel a sense of control when the world is falling apart

Millennials seem to be fueling much of the growth in skin care, according to a number of media outlets. Why are we so into skin care, though? For many, myself included, a step-by-step skin care routine gives us a sense of control in the face of burnoutdebt, a post-truth era, the climate crisis, and the many other stressors our generation faces.