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Rethinking “machines for living” – Living in a robot: ‘a house literally has to adapt to its occupants’

Will we live in a large robot in the future? Professor of Smart Architectural Technologies Masi Mohammadi is developing a robot house. “A house should accommodate its occupants needs and wishes.” Read more

Japanese Engineers Create Robot Hand for Lonely People to Hold

We are living in an era where finding a romantic companion is the easiest it’s ever been. With people sliding into DMs with cheesy pickup lines and spending hours swiping right on Tinder to land a match with a potential partner, discovering love is accessible even when you’re chilling on a toilet seat. 

And yet many people still don’t get their happily ever after. For those single lonely hopeless romantics, research engineers in Japan have a solution — a robotic girlfriend’s hand. Not an entire robot’s body, just a hand.  Read more (Vice)

Working With Robots in a Post-Pandemic World


Across every one of our studied sites, however, this vision of robot-enabled, touchless work is a mirage. Plug-and-play technologies are often already in place to confer benefits like efficiency, quality, and analytics — and in those cases, there’s not much more social distance you can buy. And the systems that aren’t plug-and-play — those with robotic arms that can potentially handle pick-and-pack-style manipulation — are quite new and unproven. 

Should robots be taxed and that money funnelled back to the victims of automation?

Oxford economist, Daniel Susskind, talks about his new book on the challenges of a society with no traditional employment