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The Business Behind London and Milan’s Key Shows

This week includes the back half of London Fashion Week and the front half of Milan. It’s hard to single out just one show to focus on, and we’ll have plenty of coverage this week from our team, both of the clothes on the runway and the business stories behind them. In the meantime, here’s a quick breakdown of the financial stakes behind some of the most-anticipated shows…


Sinead O’Dwyer On Why Body-Diverse Casting Needs To Become The Norm At Fashion Week

London-based Irish designer Sinead O’Dwyer has made it her mission to promote body diversity – from casting to the clothing she puts into production. Still on a high after showing her spring/summer 2023 collection at London Fashion Week, on a cast of models from size 8 to 26, O’Dwyer says it’s “only going to get better” from here. Here, she shares the steps she’s taken to prioritise inclusivity – and to encourage others in the industry to do the same.


Why fashion needs to understand the difference between inclusivity and diversity

Both diversity and inclusion have become buzzwords in the fashion industry in recent months. The terms have been bandied about by brands and companies keen to show their alignment with both causes, yet too many are using them incorrectly, putting us steps behind, rather than finally moving forward. Read more (Harper’s Bazzar)