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Why “Bridgerton” won’t start a craze for corsets (the screen no longer dictates how we dress)

)nce upon a time in Hollywood, films influenced what we wore. Ralph Lauren styled the look of “Annie Hall” (1977) and showed menswear could be womenswear, “American Gigolo” (1980) kickstarted the rise of Giorgio Armani and “Risky Business” (1983) sparked a run on Ray-Ban Wayfarers. Perhaps most memorably, “Flashdance” made unitards and leg-warmers the uniform of the 1980s. Cinematic beauty inspired us all. Read more (Economist)

Artificial intelligence needs to think like the mythical trickster.

“We can construct these elaborate castles and stories in our head. No other animals do that,” Berwick said. The theory flips the common explanation of why language devel­oped: not as a tool for interpersonal communication but as an in­strument of internal thought. Language, they argue, is not sound with meaning but meaning with sound.