Lectures, links, and resources related to Analyzing Trends, a course developed to assist current and future design leaders understand how to leverage cultural change towards better futures.

Analyzing Trends at Parsons School of Design (PSDS 3121)

Course Outline/Lectures

  1. An Introduction to Analyzing Trends
  2. Foresight Research Frameworks
  3. Decoding Language and Meaning
  4. Mapping Knowns & Unknowns
  5. Mapping Archetypes and Stories
  6. Patterning the Meaning of Space
  7. Applying Foresight & Speculative Design

*Please email to request permission to reuse any of the content from these lectures.

Fall 2020 Guest Speakers: 

Futurist Scott Smith from Changeist and author of How to Future


Futurist Richard Yonck author of Future Minds and Heart of the Machine


About the Instructor

Tim Stock is the co-founder of scenarioDNA, a foresight consultancy and teaches trend analysis and design thinking at Parsons School of Design. He is the co-inventor of a patented methodology of Culture Mapping that analyzes patterns in culture using computational linguistics and machine learning to visualize trend narratives and forecasts.

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