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Inside LVMH’s biggest sustainability plan yet

Capelli says LVMH is experimenting with new material innovations and dye technologies, and plans to soon showcase some “first experimentation” with Colorifix, a startup that uses synthetic biology to replace industrial chemical dyes with nature-friendly alternatives. Much of the other work that LVMH is doing is internal, he explains. The company plans to share sustainability details with consumers at the product level eventually; that will be a slow rollout, with a goal to share some level of information for all products by 2026 and for all products to be “regeneratively designed” by 2030.

ALPHA wants to simplify and enrich the way we connect brand, product and people

ALPHA wants to remove the dry complexity, revalue the human tALPHA is a suite of Apps that introduce CONNECTED CLIENTELING a new kind of bespoke shopping experiences and delightful new services for your clients. ALPHA brings you an always updated style profile of your clients, and bespoke style requests and suggestions. With advanced features — DMs, likes and dislikes, store appointments & distant sales — ALPHA will help you inspire your clients like never before.

Hustle and hype: the truth about the influencer economy

Fast-fashion companies throw vast amounts of money and products at the young women they pick to wear their clothes, and they have created a new economy that appears to offer easy jobs to the prettiest girls on the internet. Beauty has always been a commodity, but now it is far easier for women to monetise it themselves – if they have the right look. The belief among many young women that being desirable pays has led them to not only surgically change their shape, but in some cases to even fake their ethnicity.