Why The Future Of Luxury Is Not All Online (Yet)

Storytelling is a buzzword in luxury that is usually employed to describe a brand’s efforts at developing an emotional attachment with the consumer. But the greater storytelling, in my mind, is the story the consumer tells her girlfriends. Pre-COVID-19, it could have been: “I just came back from Paris and saw this exhibition… and look at these cute Louboutins I just brought back!” Okay, travel is not an option right now. But I very much doubt, post-COVID, that the story will be: “Hey, I browsed online for an hour, saw this, clicked twice, and then it was delivered a day later.” How dull! Read more (Jing Daily)

With the launch of Amazon’s new luxury platform and the Farfetch, Alibaba and Richemont partnership, one might think brick and mortar is dead. Think again. Photo: Prada/Shutterstock

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