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All you need to know about global economics right now, according to the IMF

Authors from Cambridge economist Diane Coyle to Bank of Japan veteran Masaaki Shirakawa have provided more than enough reason to put down our phones and concentrate, as much as one can, on absorbing the larger lessons from leading thinkers. A selection of volumes worth picking up, drawn from books recently reviewed in the IMF’s Finance & Development magazine.

Where We Find Meaning in the Everyday

The American Time Use Survey asks people to log their activities for a day, and in the most recent release, people also rated the meaningfulness of the activities on a scale from 0 (not meaningful) to 6 (very meaningful). Here’s how activity categories rated, sorted by most meaningful to least meaningful. Bar height represents how relatively common it was for people to engage in an activity.

The Great Resignation is a crisis of belonging. Here’s the real way we organize ourselves at work

“I feel really badly when I look back on their early years, my younger son especially. I was never here,” Ms. del Rocío said. “I was always working. They were always with caregivers. I just really want to make up for that lost time.” It’s a sentiment shared by many of the more than 50,000 who have quit their jobs since the start of last year, as part of the “Great Resignation.” Faced with choosing between their careers and their loved ones, many opted to put their professional dreams on hold after enduring the stresses brought on by the pandemic.